Sandbagger Saloon and Dinner House
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About US

The Sandbagger Saloon and Dinner House was established over thirty years ago when Crooked River Bob was still twirling his cowboy hat on those TV commercials many people still fondly remember.  At that time, you could find a mini-mart and a tavern under the same roof and the golf course was just a handful of holes.  Paved roads were scarce and “No horses on the dance floor”  was a real request!.  In those days, people were drawn to The Sandbagger for famous specials such as the $6.95 New York Steak Dinner or events like the World Famous Short Fat Mans Race.  It is even rumored that when it rained or the snow melted off and the practice green area flooded, Don could be found fishing off the front patio with many of the locals.


Then, in the late 90’s, Kitty decided it was time to retire and sold The Sandbagger to a couple who owned a vacation home on the ranch, Ken and Jan Edelman.  Ken and Jan ran The Sandbagger until the Summer of 2003 when a father and son from nearby Terrebonne heard that The Sandbagger was again up for sale.


Paul had been a customer of the Sandbagger since moving to Terrebonne in 1985 and Scott had dreamed of being a business owner all his life.  One visit to the quaint little bar and Scott and Paul partnered to buy The Sandbagger in the summer of 2003.  In  2006 Scott and his wife Heather took full ownership and management of The Sandbagger.


Since the new ownership in 2003, The Sandbagger has been through extensive remodeling to keep up with the enormous growth and changes in the Crooked River Ranch community and golf course.  In 2004, the front deck was renovated with natural peeled pine and the banquet area was retrofitted to accommodate meetings and banquets in the cooler months of the year.  In 2005, the kitchen was remodeled and new, larger capacity equipment was installed to accommodate the enormous growth in food service.  Finally, in the winter months of 2006, the last and largest remodel was done transforming The Sandbagger into the restaurant and bar you can see today.  This last remodel was obviously cosmetic, but it was also for functionality.  We are able to serve four times the amount of food and drink in half of the time with our new efficient layout.


I invite you to look at the pictures in our website and see not only our facility, but the beauty of Crooked River Ranch from our front steps.  We are proud of what we offer and there’s no place in the world like it! 




Scott Satterlee


Sandbagger Saloon and Dinner House
PO Box 635
5165 Clubhouse Rd.
Crooked River Ranch OR 97760
(541) 923-8655

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